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Smile Republic Company Limited

Smile Republic Company Limited and its affiliates (hereinafter referred to as “we”) as a dental health service provider committed to protecting your privacy and realize our responsibility with respect to the collection, use, disclosure and other processing and storage of personal data, therefore, a personal data protection policy has been established. To inform you how your personal data will be collected, which personal data will be collected, purposes for collecting, using, disclosing or transferring your personal data to whom we may disclose or transfer your personal information as well as how to access, modify, and how to exercise your rights to take other actions about your personal information. We as the controller of your personal data have prepared this privacy policy as a part of the terms and conditions for the provision of our website and applications including receiving your services. By using such services each time, you are deemed to have read and agree to this privacy policy which are detailed as follows.

Collection of personal information

1. We collect your personal information which you provide or request services from us through the website, mobile application or any of our other channels whether it is an online transaction such as consulting a dentist online, doctor appointment, newsletter subscription, requesting special assistance and including offline transactions such as patients’ registration at the branch’s registration and affiliated companies.

2. We may collect your personal information from third parties such as affiliate companies, affiliate business, our dealers, service providers or government agencies which you have given consent to disclose such information or disclose as required by law.

Personal data we collect

Types of personal data we collect will depend on the purposes of data processing in accordance with this Privacy Policy that we collect directly from you or from a third party as follows:
1. Personally Identifiable information such as name, photo, gender, date of birth, passport ID, card number or other identifiable numbers.
2. Contact information such as address or accommodation, phone number, place of work and email.
3. Payment information such as billing information, credit or debit card information and bank account details.
4. Service information such as doctor appointment or personal information of your relative.
5. Subscription information and participation in marketing activities.
6. Statistical data such as number of patients and website visits.
7. Information from your usage of our website such as IP Address, Cookies, Online Appointment System.
8. Health information, treatment information, reports on physical health and your health care information.
9. Information related to your drug use and drug allergy.
10. Feedback and treatment results that you provide.

We do not collect and use the following sensitive information about your race, religious belief, and criminal record, except with your express consent according to the regulations and laws, such as:

1. To prevent or suppress harm to the life, body or health of the data subject in the case that the data subject is unable to give consent for any reason.
2. The information is made public with the consent of the data subject.
3. Necessity to comply with the law to achieve objectives related to medical diagnosis, providing health or social services, medical treatment, health management, controlling of the standards or quality of drugs, medical supplies or medical devices that has appropriate and specific measures put in place to protect the rights and freedoms of data subjects especially the confidentiality of personal data in accordance with the duty or professional ethics.

Objective of Personal Data Processing

We may process your information with your consent, mutual contracts or any other purpose for our legitimate interest for the following objectives:
1. The objective of providing medical services include:
    1.1. Provide service, deliver our services and your access to our service whether online or offline.
    1.2. Make an appointment with a doctor, send news, recommend the services of a dental clinic.
    1.3. Coordinating and forwarding information to affiliate dental clinics and other hospitals which will allow referrals faster.
    1.4. Confirmation of patient identity, send reminders for doctor appointments or offering assistance from us.
    1.5. Accounting or financial purposes, such as verifying credit card payments, billing and validation, refunding.
    1.6. Maintain security
    1.7. Follow the rules of the dental clinic.
    1.8. Comply with any law, requirement, procedure, regulation or request from government agencies, such as compliance with subpoenas for witnesses, court order or other legal request.
    1.9. Other purposes that support the implementation of the above objectives or with your consent from time to time.

2. Our marketing objectives which we will process only if you have given us your consent for these purposes:
    2.1. Facilitate and offer benefits.
    2.2. Marketing purposes, promotion and customer relations such as sending information about promotions, products and services promotional and the use of photographs for advertising purposes.
    2.3. Customer satisfaction surveys, market research and statistical analysis for the information to improve products and services or new products and service invention.
    2.4. As a channel for communication, answering questions or responding to complaints related to the use of our services, such as service usage problem.

Persons whose personal information may be disclosed

We may disclose or transfer your personal information to third parties which may be located within or outside Thailand that has adequate personal data protection standards and complies with the personal data protection required by law. We will take necessary and appropriate measures or in accordance with regulations and laws for the purposes stated above to the following persons:
1. Affiliate clinic, company, employee or company representative, physicians, business partners and business alliances.
2. Agents, service provider or partner who provide services to us or take any action as our representative, such as information technology service provider or dental lab.
3. Banks and payment service providers such as credit or debit card company.
4. Officer or Safety and Security Agency. 5. Immigration agency and custom.
6. Government agency, regulators and other agencies as permitted or required by law.

Links to Third Party Sites

There may be link to third-party website. fIf you follow these links, this Privacy Policy will not extend to third-party websites and therefore their processing of your personal data is beyond our control. Please note that we have no affiliation and liability whatsoever from the actions of such third party.

Retention of Personal Information and Security

Your personal data will be retained for as long as necessary for various purposes described in this Privacy Policy, under the provisions of the law or for legal action. After the expiration of the given period, if you do not consent to continue processing your personal data, we will destroy that data in accordance with our data destruction procedures without delay. We will retain your personal data in accordance with Technical Measures and Organizational Measures to maintain appropriate security in the processing of personal data. And to prevent personal data breach, we have established policies, regulations, and rules for personal data protection, such as security standards of information technology systems and measures to prevent recipients from using or disclosing information or without authorization. Also, we update these policies, regulations, and guidelines from time to time as necessary.

Rights relating to your personal data

You may contact us/data protection officer or relevant officer to submit a request to exercise your rights as follows:
1. You have the right to access the information we collect about you. Include obtaining a copy of the data and requesting that the personal data you provide to us be transferred to another data controller or yourself.
2. You have the right to object or suspend the data collection, use or disclosure of your information.
3. You have the right to request to correct any inaccurate information or add incomplete information. And you may request to delete or destroy or disclose the source of your information that has no consent.
4. If you find that we or our personnel use or disclose your information which is not subject to your consent or is not processed according to legal rights. You have the right to complain to the Personal Data Protection Committee.
5. You have the right to withdraw your consent to the processing of personal data for which you have given your consent for the duration of your personal data with us. Unless there is a limitation of your right to withdraw your consent by law or by legitimate interest.
6. However, your withdrawal of consent to the processing of any personal data may result in insufficient information available to us for processing to fulfill the stated purposes and you may lack the convenience of receiving our services.

Contact Channel

If you want to exercise any rights according to this Privacy Policy, please do so in writing along with attaching a copy of proof of identity. And if you have questions, suggestions or complaints about this Privacy Policy, you can contact the Privacy Officer at this address.

Smile Republic Company Limited

94 T.Shinawatra Building Soi Sukhumvit 23, Khlong Toei Nuea, Vadhana, Bangkok, 10110 Tel. 02-664-2929 E-Mail: The information that must be notified to us include:

  • Name, Last name, ID Card number/Passport number.
  • Subject and detail of mistake.
  • Phone number and address which can be contacted including your e-mail address.
  • Privacy Policy Changes

    We may review and change this Privacy Policy from time to time to reflect changes in our services and operations, your suggestions, and opinions, including any applicable legal provisions. The latest version of the policy is posted on our website at To let you know how we protect your personal information.

    This Privacy Policy is effective from 1 JUNE 2022


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