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Dental Implant Solution

"Did you ever dream that you could visit our lovely country and have a whole brand new beautiful shiny smile in only 1 trip?"

ALL-ON-4™ Immediate Function Implants for edentulous patient All on 4? implant is a new protocol that allows you to leave our office with whole permanent fixed teeth in only 1 trip!!This is a custom-designed , perfect-for-you smile.

• Suitable for ALL bone quantities. None or very small bone graft required.
• Flapless and Painless procedure , when combining with NobelGuide™
• Simplicity and Predictability from a surgical perspective
•Well-balanced prosthetic support for an Immediate Function™ procedure
• Attractive prosthetic solution, Immediate Function & fixed prosthesis.
• Fast , fixed and cost effective

Around the world more than 300 million people are missing one or more teeth . Being edentulous (toothless) is a common handicap than many realize. Research, documented studies and a long clinical history have proven the effectiveness and long lasting results of dental implants, especially pertaining to the physical benefits of osseointegration and bone preservation.

What's new in Groovy™?

ALL-ON-4™ implant solution has been developed to maximize the use of available bone and allow Immediate Function™. It changes what has become "traditional" thinking with regard to immediate loading for the edentulous patient. The concept has near universal application, with a simplified approach to the entry-level fixed restoration that has the potential to make this treatment affordable for an even greater segment of our population. The procedure is clinically documented by several independent studies, covering all oral regions, showing high success rates. The single most important actor for the success is the unique TiUnite™ implant surface

"All-on-4™" for edentulous jaws is a treatment procedure that uses tilting posterior implants. This facilitates an optimal support for an acrylic bridge that can be fabricated and functioning within just a few hours after surgery.

The All-on-4™clinical solution has been developed to maximize the use of available bone and to allow for Immediate Function™. Individual Procera® Crowns in Alumina or Zirconia cemented to a Procera®Implant Bridge framework for excellent esthetics and strength.

Is this treatment available in many dental clinics ?
NO. "Immediate loading" of dental implants with All on 4 concept is a relatively advanced concept in dental care. Only some clinics around the world can do this service, as they require very experienced dental specialists and dental lab technicians , who have advanced training in implant dentistry, immediate implant placement and implant prosthodontics. To be accomplished, it requires skilled experienced professionals who work with each individual's highly customized treatment plan. The equipment is technologically sophisticated, the materials are intricate and valuable, and all of this is subject to meticulous sterile detail.

Providing our patients with immediate function is really NOT new for our.Dental Clinic. Convinced that proper placement of the implants and meticulous engineering of the prosthesis could allow our patients to smile and chew while they are being healed In the space of 3 days after implant surgery.

Is the procedure expensive?

Dental implant treatment by its very nature is a big investment. It needs highly skilled professionals to customize each individual treatment plan.The equipment is technologically sophisticated, the materials are intricate and valuable, and all of this is subject to meticulous sterile detail. Still, All on 4 can be less costly than more traditional dental implant treatment. This is because it significantly reduces the time commitment for both the patient and the doctor. Most patients who are conscious about their smile opt for dental implant treatment regard the cost as a worthwhile lifetime investment. Unlike the rest of the human body, the virtual "youth" of the mouth can be preserved right up through the age of one hundred. The concept of eating well for all of one's lifetime while sporting a timeless smile spurs many to "bite" from the Fountain of Youth.

"Let me say that the staff is very efficient, friendly and helpful. My teeth right now feel a lot more comfortable and it has only been TOTALLY 6 days from my poor old natural teeth to very strong teeth with new ALL on 4 implants!!

My experience in your clinic was very relaxed and was always made to feel as comfortable as possible under the conditions. The dentists were very informative and understanding towards my needs. Special thanks to Dr. Bob and Dr. Rudjapas who did All on 4 implants. I feel he went out of his way to make me feel at home Now I can chew and taste my food properly again. That's probably the most important thing, after all"

John Lever Canada

John began losing teeth in her late thirties. At first, he got a partial denture. Worse, it made him feel sick all the time and therefore uncomfortable around people. He was devastated and fell into depression. The turning point came when he had All on 4 immediate dental implants installed. Full fixed permanent were fitted in both his jaws in only 3 days after the implant was inserted. These teeth were created to replace his lost natural teeth as closely as possible. He was very satisfied by the final result.

Mrs. Rene Rungsintu
began losing teeth in her late thirties. Her lower teeth has been all extracted for more than 20years. She was given many times of full denture that unfortunately didn't fit her at all. Worse, it made her feel sick all the time and therefore uncomfortable around people. Her recent denture has been used for 1 year and been adjusted many times. She was devastated and fell into depression.

The turning point came when she had all on 4 dental implants installed. Full fixed permanent teeth were fitted in her jaw. These whole new teeth were created to imitate her lost natural teeth as closely as possible.

Bangkok Smile Clinic, Dr. Rajapas and Dr. Pimon have looked after me in June and November and have changed my life. I had been in constant pain for 15-20 years and suffered constant teeth breakages. In June I had my 29 teeth extracted and had 6 upper implants and 4 lower implants. I have spent 7 days at the Spec Lab having a plastic lower bridge and an upper denture made. When I returned in November, it was to have my fabulous permanent porcelain bridges made. Last night I ate steak again for the best time in year. The joy of chewing again is incredible. Thank you to all the wonderful staff at Bangkok Smile, who have helped me through this huge change in my life. I will never forget any of you.

To Bangkok Smile,
Thank you for what you all did for me. I had no option left other than normal dentures, which I knew I could never wear your ALL ON 4 is the best thing around. I once again thank you for making me feel normal again. Your sincerely, Gerard Pennie, Perth

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Dental Implants

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Our All-on-4™clinical procedure has been specifically designed to optimize the use of the incumbent bone structure and it also allows for Immediate Function™.

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