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Laser Tooth Whitening

With us, here at BANGKOK SMILE DENTAL CLINIC, you will experience a world class laser tooth whitening service by our expert laser whitening team. We are a team-spirited and patient-oriented office. We believe in providing the very best laser tooth whitening solutions for you. We thus continually update our skills and technology in laser tooth whitening for our clients as well as for our own exemplary professional reputation within our industry.

BANGKOK DENTAL CLINIC, as a center of excellence, takes pride in welcoming you to our well-equipped dental clinic, which combines with our excellent high tech’ laser tooth whitening department to create your beautiful and natural looking smile of which we will be proud and with which you will be delighted .

Our team of laser tooth whitening specialists at Smile BANGKOK DENTAL CLINIC, consists of cosmetic dentists who are dedicated to providing you with the very best quality in laser whitening within a warm, safe and caring environment.
Your teeth have an outer layer of enamel which, over time, becomes stained. Eating, drinking and smoking all leave deposits on the enamel and produce a pellicle film on the surface which can be unattractive. Cleaning and scraping can help to remove this, however over time these foreign deposits can get into the enamel where conventional cleaning will have little or no effect. Then a visit to us at the Smile BANGKOK DENTAL CLINIC, may be desirable to restore the natural beauty of the enamel. Your new laser whitening experience begins here at Smile BANGKOK DENTAL CLINIC

How do Laser and Non-Laser Tooth
Whitening procedures vary?
Laser whitening. Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is, universally, the industries chosen active agent for use in tooth whitening procedures for its excellent bleaching qualities. Here, at Smile Republic, we only use the highest quality products sourced from reputable and accredited suppliers.

Hydrogen peroxide, the most accepted active ingredient for in-house bleaching, does not decompose readily, which is partly why current bleaching procedures require lengthy visits.

Our laser tooth whitening experts use a Laser Gel that, when combined with hydrogen peroxide, becomes a solution responsive to specific laser wavelengths resulting in the rapid production of free oxygen radicals. This increases the overall efficiency of the use of the laser and the products we use which makes for a more client friendly procedure. Initially bleaching occurs through the application of the laser which emits monochromatic light at a specific wavelength which is only absorbed by the catalyst molecules, thus accelerating the release of the activated bleaching molecules. The laser wavelength output is synchronized to the proprietary whitening gel, which increases efficiency and minimizes the amount of energy required to produce maximum whitening. This results in shortened treatment time and increases effectiveness while eliminating the heating of teeth that can result in discomfort and post-operative sensitivity.

In the whitening process the laser is the activator that triggers a photocatalyst within the hydrogen peroxide which breaks it down into its reactive components, known as ‘free radicles’. This, in turn, speed up the rate at which the tooth whitening process takes place resulting in shorter treatments and enhanced results, all of which help to improve the experience for our clients.

Ordinary non-laser whitening systems require longer treatment times and higher energy output because of their inefficiencies. Non-laser whitening devices use just a tiny percentage of the polychromatic light's energy. The rest of the energy is wasted as heat and light, which is absorbed by the teeth and adjacent tissues, which often results in intra-operative and post-operative sensitivity. Non-laser treatments do not give immediate results for our clients as it requires more than one visit to Smile Republic and so is likely to be more intrusive on your visit to Thailand.

Post treatment.
On completion of your treatment by our experts the first 48 hours are very important. The treatment causes the dentinal tubules to become dilated and as such the enamel is susceptible to further rapid staining. So it is important that you avoid any food and drink that may cause immediate staining. Think about food and drink that may stain a white shirt, then avoid them. It is also recommended that you use a good quality stain removing toothpaste regularly.

What are the possible side effects of the treatment?
1. Tooth sensitivity. It's possible that you may feel a few isolated zaps or tingles during your whitening procedure. Based on the frequency or severity of what you feel, your dentist might decide that it's best to cut your bleaching session short. Being able to communicate with your dentist is the key here. Set up prearranged hand signal so you can indicate to our laser whitening specialist that you're experiencing sensations or discomfort that needs to be evaluated. Our expert will then be able to assess and adjust your treatment accordingly.
2. Gum tissue irritation.
The peroxide bleaching agents found in whiteners are caustic in nature and can irritate or even damage soft oral tissues (gums, lips, cheeks, tongue). This is why our dentists always isolate our clients’ teeth by way of placing a dental dam before the whitener is applied. An important safety feature of our technique is being able to limit the peroxide whitener to tooth contact only. This not only protects any sensitive tissue, but also maximizes the efficiency of the whitening products we use which ensures value for money and the very best results for our clients.

Why not use anesthetics?
This is a question we are often asked. Not using anesthetics makes the whitening process safer for our clients and helps to reduce any post treatment discomfort.
Perhaps more importantly, if a patient's teeth become too sensitive during their treatment process, it may be a warning sign that their session should be cut short.
Equally important, any pain that appears can be a warning sign that the dental dam is leaking and allowing peroxide to irritate or burn the patient gums, lips or cheeks.
If our dentists anesthetize the mouth important signals are not available due to the effects of the anesthetic and so critical procedural adjustments cannot be made. So we use the very best products to create a dental dam that minimizes the risk of any of these problems occurring.

3. Thermal sensitivity. After a whitening session, some of our clients may temporarily experience increased tooth sensitivity to hot and cold stimuli such as foods and beverages.
In most cases, this type of sensitivity is self-limiting and will dissipate on its own within a matter of days. However, you should always feel free to contact our clinic and report any adverse feelings or reactions that you may have experienced so our experts can advise you accordingly.
In some cases our experts may recommend some over the counter remedies to help alleviate any post treatment discomfort.
Anti-inflammatory pain inhibitors such as Ibuprofen or Aspirin are commonly used for this purpose. You may find that using a desensitizing toothpaste will help to alleviate post treatment discomfort. Using a toothpaste that contains potassium nitrate before and after treatment can help clients that experience sensitivity.

Are there any safety concerns regard professional-grade tooth whiteners? The peroxide-based tooth whiteners used with our in-house treatments are formulated using the same types of compounds that are found in home-use products. Collectively, these agents are called peroxides and many clients may express concerns associated with their use.

There are a couple of factors that make our in-house bleaching technique totally unique and, as a result, we are able to allay many of the issues that are of the greatest concern. Clients may be concerned that professional bleaching products can contain as much as ten times the level of peroxide as is found in home-use products. It is therefore vital, that in choosing a clinic to undertake your tooth whitening, you select a clinic that uses the very best quality products and has only the highest trained experts that use procedures and techniques that are specifically created for client safety and that maximize results. At Smile Republic you can be assured of all of these factors.

What level of success can I expect from whitening treatment? The color of your teeth is dependent upon numerous factors. Your diet, food and drink that you consume can all have an effect on the color of your teeth through the buildup of deposits that create a pellicle film on the enamel. If you are a smoker this will also have a negative effect on the appearance of your teeth. Other underlying dental problems, such as with the dentin layer beneath the enamel of the tooth, can also give your teeth an appearance of discoloration.

Tooth whitening procedures are suitable for most of our clients and the results can be dramatic by whitening your teeth several shades, improving your smile and your self-confidence. Our experts at Smile Republic will give you a detailed consultation so that you will be fully aware of the results that you can expect, using visual examples, from the procedure that you prefer.

After treatment, how long will the results last? Post-treatment it is important that you follow the advice of our experts in regard to food and drink consumption immediately after the whitening process. From then on the new color of your teeth can last several years. This is however dependent on your lifestyle and your personal dental cleaning procedures. Allow our Smile Republic experts to advise you and use your own common sense and you will enjoy the results of the whitening treatment for a long time to come.

BANGKOK DENTAL CLINIC we achieve and excel to a degree others can only aspire to.


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